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Why Solar and LEDs?

Site Solar Light Towers and Generators provide the solutions you need.

Our sun is the original power source - and we help you harness the power of the sun!

Our solar light towers and generators give you 100% reliable, zero-emissions light and power, saving time, money, and eliminating CO2 emissions.


Every hour of solar light tower operation saves a half-gallon of diesel fuel.

Paired with our solar panels, LED lights are key components of our solar light towers; the bulbs' long life cycle means fewer end up in landfills. 









  1. Twenty-five-foot hydraulic mast with 40,000 lumens of LED lighting

  2. 1440 watts of solar panels

  3. Solar panels are mounted on slides for rapid deployment and secure transport.

  4. Lower labor costs; two timers control two lights each, providing automatic ON/OFF, reducing labor costs and increasing safety.

  5. Trailer can be towed by SUV or small truck.