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Oil and Energy

Oil and gas fields, sand plants, and other industry service companies work around the clock. Site Solar provides reliable worksite lighting solutions; our power pack also provides electricity wherever the sun shines. Let us power your well controls when the grid can't.

No Contamination

Site Solar light towers are a set-and-forget, maintenance-free solution; no diesel means no risk of secondary contamination.

Why Site Solar?


Portable, clean, renewable, emissions-free energy through solar power generation, Site Solar’s fifth-generation solar generators and mobile solar light towers are built on the success of technology currently being used by Fortune 500 companies.


The Site Solar Promise

Site Solar provides bright, quiet, reliable LED lighting that’s perfect for a variety of industries and settings. Our off-grid solar solutions save you money, using 90% less fuel than traditional worksite lighting generators, and eliminating 95% of emissions caused when you use diesel fuel. We provide the highest quality and most reliable solar worksite lighting solutions.


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