Case Study: Phoenix Rising Stadium, Tempe, AZ

Phoenix Rising FC Operations Manager Mike Jenkins approached Site Solar in May 2017 about replacing rented diesel light towers with Site Solar’s quiet and automated solar trailers. Mike’s goal was to save money; he was spending a significant amount of funds on diesel fuel and on manpower to turn the light plants on and off for every event. Mike was also concerned with failure rate of the diesel light plants, because when the rental company dropped off 18 units, eight of the 18 did not work and had to be replaced.

We placed our solar-powered light towers at the stadium complex, and over the last two seasons, have worked with the team to provide additional lighting throughout the complex as they have expanded (overflow parking lot, for example). With the only fixed lighting at the complex aimed at the field, our quiet and zero-emission light plants are perfect for interior applications, highlighting walk paths, merchandise tents, portable toilet banks, food and beverage trailers, stadium entry/exit points, and providing quiet power to run mobile fans for cooling, ATMs and mobile vendor trailers.

To date, we have provided stadium lighting for 33 consecutive home games, and Site Solar has 48 trailers located throughout the property running eight hours a night during home games. Parties that rent the stadium for non-soccer events also use our lights.

Based on the amount of run time each unit has had over 33 games, we were able to determine the following:

Using an average of .5 gal/hr of diesel per light plant would have burned 6,336 gallons.

Average price for diesel filled on site would cost $5-$8 per gallon; using the low cost of $5/gallon, the total diesel savings over 33 games would have been $31,680.

The average gallon of diesel produces 22.38 lbs of CO2 emission when burned; 6,336 gallons produces 142,000 lbs.+ of CO2 – Site Solar is always ZERO emission.

Site Solar’s set-and-forget timers mean a minimum of 3,168 visits over the 33-game period is eliminated.

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