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Case Study: Sand Plant in Permian Basin

One of the country’s top Permian Basin frac sand producers rented 24 all-solar light towers to illuminate their sand plant just northeast of Kermit, Texas. The company’s goal with this lease was threefold: eliminate diesel costs; reduce labor and emissions; and save money with a “set and forget” system.

Site Solar used its proprietary tracking software on to monitor a variety of factors, including runtime, for each unit. After 30 days of deployment, the Site Solar team concluded:

  • All 24 all-solar light plants have run with zero failure
  • Lights have run for a combined total of 7,800 hours
  • Most trailers have run a consistent 12 hours/night; every trailer was checked to confirm accurate run time

Based on the amount of run time each unit has had over the last 30 days:

  • Up to 3,900 gallons of diesel saved: assuming the engines were turned off when lights were not running, diesel-fueled light towers would have burned .5 gallon/hour while running
  • Average fuel savings over 30 days: $25,350 (using on-site fueling price of $5-$8/gallon; this example uses $6.50)
  • ZERO CO2 emissions: 24 diesel light plants during that time would have emitted over 79,000 pounds of carbon dioxide
  • 1,440 personnel touches eliminated: Automatic ON/OFF light timers return personnel normally dedicated to switching lights off and on to other areas of productivity

Since this 30-day introductory period, the company has added seven more light towers for a total of 31 units on this mine site.

Below is a screen shot from our tracking software showing a real-life voltage report from the last several weeks on a randomly chosen units. Each unit can be monitored, and timers adjusted based upon monthly solar averages.

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