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Case Study: Ottawa University, Surprise, Arizona

On December 14, 2017, Site Solar deployed four solar light towers on the campus of Ottawa University in the city of Surprise, for a 12-18-month project that required a portable lighting solution. The city bid only solar light towers in a desire to “go green” and to minimize labor required to turn units on and off and to refuel. Site Solar light towers are programmed to operate every day of the week 6:00pm – 6:00am. Through GPS and online access, we were able to monitor our performance remotely and the results are detailed below.

  • To this date, our units have operated for 180 nights with not one issue.
  • In total, the light towers have operated lights for 8,640 hours.
  • No employee or worker has needed to touch a light tower since deployment in December.

 When Site Solar’s four solar light towers are compared to four traditional diesel light towers over the same duration: 

  • At an average consumption of .5 gal/hr., the four diesel light towers would have burned 4,320 gallons of diesel fuel.
  • Arizona current average price of diesel is $3.00/gal, leading to total fuel cost of $12,960 ($72/day).
    • In California, with an average price of $3.95/gal, total fuel cost would be $17,064 ($94.80/day).
  • Four diesel light plants during that time would have emitted over 96,768 lbs. or 44 metric tons of CO2.
  • With the need to manually switch lights ON/OFF each day, worker visits to four units would require a minimum of 360 visits (180 days, twice each day).
  • Refueling every five days would have required 36 visits.

This monitoring is ongoing and the results after nearly six months are what we expect. Below is a screen shot from Site Solar’s tracking software showing a real-life voltage report from the last few weeks on one unit chosen at random. The upward curve reflects daytime solar charging; days when the battery bank is fully charged, it creates a plateau, which indicates the battery in float. At 6:00pm, the lights turn on; the voltage shows a drop, and then a gradual curve down is the 12-hour runtime of the lights.

Site Solar is committed to becoming the portable light solution for customers committed to providing job site safety, reducing labor costs while protecting the environment.

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